Where does the Desktop Search market stands?

It all started 10 years ago with Copernic has one of the initial players in the Desktop Search market. Since then, many companies have come on the market and left and others decided to discontinue their product. Currently, there are only a few vendors left and where are they heading?

As for Copernic, users all over the world use documents and emails on a daily basis that are still on their local computer. As per our case study about the deployment of Copernic Desktop Search at Mercer, 40% of employees cannot find the information they need to do their job. Another revealing statistic is that users can spend up to 20% of their time downloading and filing information both locally and on the corporate network.

Yes, the cloud computing is gaining a lot of shares in the personal computer industry, but the trend for the computer desktop & server manufacturing industry is positive as it is growing. Businesses are investing in new infrastructure for their employees to become more productive and efficient. According to Mercer, that’s when a search solution where you can find your local data as well as your network data becomes crucial.

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Using Information Technology to reduce cost, increase efficiencies

Investing in a central repository or data warehouse has been an increasing trend for the past few years. Many SMBs are choosing such solution as an IT infrastructure to share their knowledge. However, most of them do not have a search tool to quickly find their documents.

Yes a good filing structure will save you time but what if you join a filing structure with a search tool to execute deep searches into your documents content, then you can gain valuable insight into your data.

Investing in a central data warehouse provides an advantage to share knowledge but to increase efficiencies; a search tool could provide that competitive advantage. You should take a look at Copernic Desktop Search, where you can search a central database and locally on your PC.

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Where do you save your documents?

Are still filing your documents locally on your hard drive or did you move all your documents to the cloud?

Keeping your documents on your hard drive means you have access to them when you are using your computer. There are tools to search and access them locally such as Copernic Desktop Search and if you are away from your desk, you can always connect to your PC remotely. Then, you’ll have a complete access to entire computer and not only your documents.

Keeping your documents in the cloud means you have access to them when you want them as long as you are connected to the internet. Do you trust the cloud to ensure your security and privacy? Are you always connected to the internet?

Did you know that if you keep your document in the cloud and you have their application installed on your computer, you can search your private cloud with Copernic Desktop Search as if it was a local hard drive?

So, have you made the move to the cloud?

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Upcoming trends – Social Search

As stipulated in the US Digital Future in focus 2013 by ComScore, Social Search will become a much bigger them in the 2013 theme market. More and more social elements are being integrated into search engines. Right now, the added value is more about local search, when people search for restaurants or small businesses around the user’s location. Major search engine can search inside social network sites for broad results but wouldn’t be nice to be able to search inside your own social profiles?

There is so much information about you but would you trust search engines to search inside your profile? Once connected and access to your profile given to the search engine, it would index your personal data and push them every time a personal query is launched. This is a major drawback as the search engine would likely keep a major portion of your personal data in their index so it does not have to re-index everything every time your launch a query.

Would you trust search engines with your personal data?

Where do you see social search going in 2013?

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