How do you organise your information?

Most users have some sort of filing system; however your structure will get bigger with files in multiple locations, which can become hard to navigate. You need to remember where the file is located. From time to time, you will ask yourself where to save the document. When you decide to organize your computer, it all makes sense now, but will it make sense further down the road? Probably not!

So, you will start to look for a solution that helps you find that information. Basic search tool offered on Windows PCs have to go through every file every time a query is launched. That’s why there are several search engines available for your desktop. Most of them will have to build an index of the contents of your hard drive and it usually takes several hours.

With the use of a Desktop Search, you may ask yourself, why should I organize my computer now? By knowing where a file could be located, you can help the desktop search refine the search and find the document faster. There is still a need for you to have a basic structure to classify your documents.

How do you find your information?

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