Pre-order Copernic Desktop Search 4!

Starting today, you can pre-order Copernic Desktop Search 4 for $34.96 USD per license. If you currently own a Copernic Desktop Search license, you are entitled to a discounted pricing depending on when you purchased your license.

You will want to buy the upgrade to version 4 sooner rather than later – this pre-order promotion for Copernic Desktop Search 4 runs only until September 9th, 2013.

Why should I pre-order version 4?

Copernic is bringing new cool features in this new major version. Here is a preview of what is coming:

- Brand new interface
- New grid view like in Windows Explorer
- New languages offered: Dutch & Portuguese on top of English, French, German & Spanish
- Windows 8 compatibility
- Office 2013 compatibility
- Full Google Chrome Integration
- Improved result list & refine criterias
- No more Web Search tab
- New Online Help

For more details on the pre-order for CDS 4, see this pre-order page.

CDS Corporate Renewal Issue

For the past few days, we had an issue with our mailing system that was still sending expired license notification even if you had renewed.

The issue has now be resolved and you should no longer be receiving expired license notification if you renewed.

If you have any questions regarding your renewal, please contact the Sales Department.

Copernic Desktop Search 4 Release Candidate – Update 3

Today, we released a new update (Build 928) of Copernic Desktop Search RC. The new feature inside this update is the Standard View. You will find it looks very similar to the view you have inside Windows Explorer.

Here is the detail on what is included in this new release:

• New standard view
• French interface implemented
• Find within your search result
• Keyword highlighting inside the preview
• Fixed other issues and problems

To update your version, go in the Help menu inside the software, select Check for software update.

We are getting very close to the official release date, September 10th, 2013. In the meantime, if you have any questions or issues regarding the “Release Candidate” version, please visit the Copernic Forum.

Best regards,

How do you search your emails?

Searching your email messages can be quite hard especially that most of us have work email, a personal email and most often a “junk email. How do you go search through thousands of emails messages stored in multiple places?

Most people will go from one email address to the other and launching the same request in both accounts. By adding your accounts to a supported email software such as Thunderbird or Outlook and by installing Copernic Desktop Search, you can search all your emails and their attachments in one place. Find years of emails instantly with the possibility to refine your search using various fields such as Date, From, To, Subject, Folder and many more.

Starts finding the emails you are looking for and stop loosing time searching all over the place.

Windows Search across network drives

Windows 8 & 7 has Windows Search built-in, but you can only index folders on the local PC. What if you have access to a network and it contains many file repositories?

How do you currently organize yourself to find your documents? Have you structured your documents so that every document is placed correctly?

Misplacing a document or browsing through the architecture can be very time consuming especially when there are productivity tools available. These tools, desktop search engine, know your computer and network drives inside out and can pin point your file instantly.

Why not regain valuable time with Copernic Desktop Search, espcially with the new version coming?

Copernic Desktop Search 4 RC

Today, we are releasing a new version of Copernic Desktop Search. For now, only the English version can be downloaded. However, it is only available as a “Release Candidate” version. We decided to launch this version to get additional testing from the community

Of course, the final release of Copernic Desktop Search 4 will have additional features and many bug fixes. It will be available for purchase in the 3rd Quarter of 2013.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or issues regarding the “Release Candidate” version, please visit the Copernic Forum.

How to search inside pdf files?

Many documents now come in the Adobe PDF file format. Those documents can contain multiple pages and opening one at-a-time is a very long task, a very unproductive task!

How can you search inside pdf files in Windows 7 & 8? How do you search without having to open every single file you might want to look at?

Well, Copernic Desktop Search has been doing it for years. Simply type in your keywords and all PDF files containing the keyword will come up. It will even show you a preview of where the keyword is located in the pdf file. You don’t even have to open the file unless you are sure this is the document you want.

Stay productive with Copernic Desktop Search!

Search across Windows

How do you search inside files on Windows? Many users rely on Windows Search to find files but searching for text inside files is very limited. Most users can only find what they are looking for half of the time but you know you have that file saved somwehere. Since the replacement of Windows Desktop Search in Windows XP, most Windows users complain the lack of searching capabilities found in the new operating systems especially for searching the file content. So, how do you go about searching inside your files?

Yes, you can change the indexing options in Windows Search but what if you could search and find all your files across your hard drive and network drive by default. By downloading Copernic Desktop Search, you can accomplish such a feat without even changing any settings.

Tired of filing?

Right now the average computer user spends as much time filing a document as finding a document. With the daily march of information,
the time compounds every day.The volume, file types and new applications will continue to increase.

In order to make best use of personal time and to increase your own productivity, the ever-present task of filing and finding needs to be
eliminated.What if you never had to actively file again? What if your desktop had an electronic filing cabinet that was quite simply, always on? And didn’t need you to be paying attention to what needs to be filed, and where it needs to be filed.

Let us do the filing and finding! You do the rest. Download Copernic Desktop Search.

Legal document search

Information is knowledge and knowing more knowledge means gaining a valuable advantage over your competitor especially in a legal case. More and more lawyers use Copernic Desktop Search to search for keywords inside legal documents.

Often legal documents are PDF files and OCR files. Many search engine will not index OCR files which can prove to have valuable information when working on a legal case. By using Copernic search engine you access information faster and in a more efficient way.

By providing a search engine to your legal team, you all become more productive and can focus even more on your client’s needs.

Using Information Technology to reduce cost, increase efficiencies

Investing in a central repository or data warehouse has been an increasing trend for the past few years. Many SMBs are choosing such solution as an IT infrastructure to share their knowledge. However, most of them do not have a search tool to quickly find their documents.

Yes a good filing structure will save you time but what if you join a filing structure with a search tool to execute deep searches into your documents content, then you can gain valuable insight into your data.

Investing in a central data warehouse provides an advantage to share knowledge but to increase efficiencies; a search tool could provide that competitive advantage. You should take a look at Copernic Desktop Search, where you can search a central database and locally on your PC.

ISYS Desktop Search is no longer available!

Last year, Lexmark completed the acquisition of ISYS Search software. It is now called Perceptive Software and they have decided to stop distributing their desktop search. More and more clients are coming to us as an alternative to ISYS as they still need a powerful search engine for their PCs.

Many users are sending enhancement request to improve Copernic Desktop Search and we are definitely taking into considerations all request for upcoming releases. If you were an ISYS user and you are missing a key feature, please let us know and we will look at the added value it brings to our products.

Search WordPerfect® documents

Are you trying to search for content within a WordPerfect® document?

The answer is probably yes but you could not find a solution except a strong document architecture. Most desktop search engine will only index WordPerfect® file name and not their content. With Copernic Desktop Search, WordPerfect® documents (WPD, WPF, WP) and their contents are searchable.

The search engine behind Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 does not search WordPerfect® files. Therefore, most users are having a hard time finding the right document to accomplish their work tasks. Copernic Desktop Search allows you to save time by finding the document instantly. CDS also spares you the time you spend filing your WordPerfect® files as there were no solution to find your documents except a tidy document structure.

Have you downloaded the 30-day trial?

Privacy and security in Copernic Desktop Search

There have been many questions coming in through our support portal about Copernic Desktop Search’s security. As a result, we decided to address this matter on our blog and inform everyone about how much importance we give to security and how it is handled at Copernic. All this information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Copernic does not collect any data through Copernic Desktop Search. No keywords used to do a research are transmitted outside your computer except the ones used to do an Internet search. For the latter, the keywords are transmitted through Internet as they would be when doing a normal Web search without the use of Copernic Desktop Search.

Search results

Copernic Desktop Search does not allow transmission of result contents to Copernic Inc. or any of its partners for searches conducted by the user on his computer. Your computer is not logged or made accessible through Copernic Desktop Search to Copernic Inc. or any of its partners.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Where do you save your documents?

Are still filing your documents locally on your hard drive or did you move all your documents to the cloud?

Keeping your documents on your hard drive means you have access to them when you are using your computer. There are tools to search and access them locally such as Copernic Desktop Search and if you are away from your desk, you can always connect to your PC remotely. Then, you’ll have a complete access to entire computer and not only your documents.

Keeping your documents in the cloud means you have access to them when you want them as long as you are connected to the internet. Do you trust the cloud to ensure your security and privacy? Are you always connected to the internet?

Did you know that if you keep your document in the cloud and you have their application installed on your computer, you can search your private cloud with Copernic Desktop Search as if it was a local hard drive?

So, have you made the move to the cloud?