Desktop Search Version 4.3 is now available

Today,Copernic released a new version of Copernic Desktop Search available (4.3.0.). This update is recommended for all users and improves the usability.




Changes & Improvements:

  • Added Thumbnail view for the search results list
  • Added a new command line allowing the program to be minimized at start-up (/tray)
  • Added the option to select the fields in the header of the preview pane
  • Added the function to preview icons (.ico) in the result list
  • Added the option to block software update (through GPO)
  • Added the option to block the automatic software update for GPOs
  • Added the option to skip the introduction on the initial start for GPOs
  • Added the option to Copy inside the contextual menu for email items
  • Saving the suggestion list dimensions for text refine fields
  • Improved the configuration saving process
  • Improved loading of the emails tree inside the options and refine fields
  • Improved email subject indexation for attachments
  • Improved connection for MAPI protocol (Outlook & Thunderbird)
  • Improved performance to show a large image preview
  • Microsoft Outlook component no longer loads when Outlook cannot be added as a source
  • Improved results lists rendering

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Copernic Desktop Search: 64-bit Compatible

Great news everybody!

Today, Copernic Desktop Search version 3.5 is released.

The most important feature of this release is the MS Outlook 2010 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit support. With all 3 versions, you can combine the power of CDS and your computer to find your information instantly.

Some of you will be happy to hear that the new version contains fixes for known issues occasionally experienced. For the Professional and Corporate version, here are the fixes:

  • Fixed indexing of Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Bookmarks and History)
  • Fixed issue with the Did You Mean
  • Fixed multiple User Interface issues
  • Fixed indexing of multiple Microsoft Exchange mailboxes

As for the Home version, here is the major improvement:

  • High capacity index

As we always want to move forward and improve our products, feel free to use the Copernic Forums or support to send us your suggestions. We always take your comments and support requests seriously to build on these for our future releases.

For those who wish to update or upgrade, you can get the latest release through the Downloads page.

Stay tuned, more news will be coming soon!

-Your Copernic Team

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Copernic Desktop Search for Windows 7

Today, we have made available a new 3.2.2 version of Copernic Desktop Search.

The most important feature of this release is its Win 7 compatibility. The Professional and Corporate versions are now fully compatible with Windows 7 and our users will be able to search with the power of Copernic on their Windows 7 operating system.

Some of you will be happy to hear that the new version contains fixes for issues occasionally experienced. Among these fixes, we have worked on the issue regarding the indexation process when computer runs on battery power and some minor graphical glitches.

As we always want to move forward and improve our services, please contact our support team. We always take your comments and support requests seriously to build on these for our new releases.

For those of you who wish to update, you can get the latest release through the Downloads page on our Web site.

– Vincent Douville, Manager, Online Sales

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Get in touch with a sales representative online!

Copernic recently updated its web site with a new online chat tool. This tool will give you the chance to speak directly with a sales representative concerning your interrogations on our products, therefore they will be able to guide you throughout your online shopping experience and help you make the best software choice adapted to your needs.

You can find the online chat tool on our website home page and store pages. When a representative is online, the tile will appear green. You can click on it and type in your name. The tool will locate a representative that is available to answer your questions. It is designed to be fast and easy to use with a user friendly interface.

When looking trough our web site, you will be able to find answers to some of your questions. For your unanswered queries prior to your purchase, this instant messaging tool is an addition to enable you to get all the answers fast.

Please note that for technical questions or support, we ask you to send your requests to: Our support team will be glad to help you with your issues.

Copernic is always looking for ways to improve its customer service and we are confident that this chat service will profit both our clients and ourselves, by giving us the chance to be closer to our users.

– Jessica Touzin, Web Marketing Agent

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Copernic Desktop Search 3.2 available in all editions!

After the Corporate edition was released, we couldn’t go without updating Home and Professional.

Like CDS Corporate, CDS Professional now includes the result list exporting option. Also, for both Professional and Home, all types of results can now be dragged & dropped. This really comes in handy when searching for a file or email to attach to another message!

In this latest release, the most important highlights are probably the fixes applied in response to issues that were pointed out in version 3.1 regarding the use of CDS with MS Outlook. We heard you and have worked to address those issues in 3.2.

We always take the time to read all of the technical support messages we receive and although we may not answer to every single one, we do listen and try to comply with your requests. Keep them coming, we’re always happy to provide a tool that answers to your needs!

Keep an eye out for the software update notification, which will be visible within CDS Professional and Home in the next couple of days.

– Melissa Clermont, Product Manager

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Copernic Desktop Search Corporate version 3.2 now available!

You have sent improvement requests and we heard you! We know that corporate users have different needs in terms of Desktop Search and that is why CDS Corporate evolves based on your comments.

CDS 3.2 now offers a much better control over network indexing with its network throttling GPO options. Determine how users should index network content so you don’t experience network lag.

Also, CDS 3.2 lets you export your result list. This comes as an answer to a recurrent request received from our corporate users. Let’s not forget the addition of the possibility to drag & drop all types of results.

Other tweaks and fixes are available in CDS 3.2. We invite you to visit the What’s New section on our Web site to get all the details.

To download this new version, log on to your support portal account.

Not a Copernic Desktop Search Corporate user? You can buy version 3.2 from our online store.

Want to give CDS Corporate a try before purchasing? Register to our 30-day trial in which all features are available for you to try out.

– Melissa Clermont, Product Manager

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Copernic Desktop Search Version 3.1 Is Now Available

We have just released a new version of our well-known Copernic Desktop Search product.

This new version comes as an answer to a long-awaited feature: Lotus Notes indexing. Now, the Corporate edition enables users to find emails, attachments and contacts from their Lotus Notes account.

Among other tweaks, fixes and improvements that all three editions – Home, Professional and Corporate – contain, we should mention the support for even more file formats. We have also made an important improvement that increases the number of Outlook folders that can be indexed. In addition, new GPOs are now available in the Corporate edition for increased control over the indexing of emails located on a server.

See full details about what else is new by visiting our Web site.

The English, French, German and Spanish versions are all immediately available.

In the following days, CDS Home and Professional users will be automatically notified by CDS about the availability of a new version and our Corporate edition users will receive an email notification with information on how to update.

Just follow the instructions provided and you will be up-to-date in no time!

– Melissa Clermont, Product Manager

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Version 3.0 of Copernic Desktop Search Corporate Now Available

We are proud to announce that we have released an important upgrade to our popular product Copernic Desktop Search Corporate.

Among fixes, tweaks and other improvements, our corporate users will be pleased to know that they can now index Microsoft Outlook calendar items, tasks and notes. This is a long-awaited feature that makes the best desktop search product even better.

CDS Corporate now also comes with a "Customization Kit" that will allow administrators to easily add custom Intranet/Extranet search shortcuts in the application’s interface and its Windows toolbar.

New GPOs are also available to manage all the added features, but also to quickly set up indexing of all Outlook stores.

Full details about what’s new are available on the product website.

– Melissa Clermont, Product Manager

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Introducing Copernic Desktop Search – Corporate Edition

Great news from Copernic as we have just launched Copernic Desktop Search – Corporate Edition. This new product brings all the power of Copernic Desktop Search to enterprises to help employees save time and be more productive. It offers network administrators many configuration options and unique features specifically for corporate environments.

Over 3 million CDS users can’t be wrong, the Corporate Edition is a must for your enterprise!

More information is available at

– Nicolas Pelletier, Director – Product Management

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Copernic Desktop Search 2: Final Version Released

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just officially launched the highly anticipated version 2.0 of our flagship product, Copernic Desktop Search. The initial feedback we’re getting is outstanding. Long time users, new users, journalists and bloggers who have played with pre-release versions all agree: it’s a solid, worthwhile upgrade to an already great product. With the help of thousands of testers, we’ve worked hard to iron out the remaining issues and we’ve stamped it with our official Copernic quality seal!

This new release includes too many improvements over v1.7 to list them all in detail. We have tried to summarize the key elements in the What’s New page but these are only the highlights. The user interface has been completely redesigned to improve the search experience, the new deskbar now directly displays results as you type, new unique features such as query correction (a.k.a. "did you mean") have been added, overall performance has been significantly improved, and so much more. Bottom line: the best desktop search just got better!

– Eric Bouchard, VP Products

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Copernic Desktop Search Releases!

We’ve been pretty quiet lately but you must have guessed we were preparing something… How about not one, but two new Copernic Desktop Search versions in the same day?

1) CDS v1.7: This latest official release of CDS brings very interesting things to the table: many nice additions to the IE toolbar (RSS feed reader and scrolling ticker, keyword-seeking buttons, etc.), brand new network deployment features for system administrators, and more!

2) CDS v2.0 Public Beta: After several weeks of private beta testing, CDS2 Beta is now out in the wild! This version includes a whole new bunch of innovative features and improvements, widening the gap with competing products even more. The build that was released today is just a start since it is not qualified as "feature-complete". Stay tuned for the final version. In the meantime, we hope you’ll like the beta version as much as we do and we can’t wait to get your feedback!

– Eric Bouchard

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CDS 1.63 Released: Built-in OpenOffice Document Support, Firefox 1.5 Toolbar

A new version of CDS has been released yesterday and it features one main addition: full content indexing of (1.1, 2.x) and StarOffice (7.x and 8.x) documents. Supported file types include Writer text documents, Impress presentations and Calc spreadsheets.

Because of the rapidly growing popularity of these open source office productivity suites – mainly due to the impressive latest upgrades – we decided to add support for OpenDocument files right into the base product, instead of releasing a plug-in which users have to install separately.

CDS 1.63 also features an updated toolbar compatible with Firefox 1.5 and various maintenance fixes.

To the question "What happened to v1.62?" the answer is that it was only released to our distribution partners. You didn’t miss anything: it only included better rebrandability features.

– Mathieu Cote, Lead Developer

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New CDS v1.61 Now Released

Even though we know you’re patiently waiting for our next big release, CDS 2.0, we thought that in the meantime you would appreciate a little treat. This update, v1.61, is mainly a maintenance release which fixes a few bugs (hey, it happens!) and improves performance.

There are still a few new features worth noting: all non-password-protected Outlook Express identities are now indexed (instead of only the default one); Word, Excel, PDF, RTF and PowerPoint file handlers have been updated for better compatibility; and the last used category is now definitely more visible in the deskbar than before (Ed, I think you’ll be happy about this :)).

As you can see, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but we’re sure you’ll find it’s worth it. Version 1.61 is already available for download on the Web site and the auto-update should be enabled in the next few days.

– Eric Bouchard

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