Desktop Search for your company

Today, we are pleased to announce a new section on our website. We are now offering an Entreprise section to

Copernic Desktop Search has been beneficial to over 4,000,000 users and the business world can now also benefit from it.

According to International Data Corporation, their survey reveals that information worker, you, spend most of their time performing document-related activity. Here are some interesting facts on how workers spend their time:

  • 5 hours/week searching for documents.
  • 2.3 hours/week searching for, but not finding documents

That’s at least 2.3 hours of hours wasted per week for having not the appropriate tools. According to their studies, time wasted in document creation and management activities costs the organization $ 9,071 per information worker per week. That’s a lot in a year when you can install a tool, such as Copernic Desktop Search, for the price of $ 64.90 USD per license. The Return on Investment calculation is easily made.

You can chat with our Product Specialist if you have any questions.


Desktop Search for your company

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Using Information Technology to reduce cost, increase efficiencies

Investing in a central repository or data warehouse has been an increasing trend for the past few years. Many SMBs are choosing such solution as an IT infrastructure to share their knowledge. However, most of them do not have a search tool to quickly find their documents.

Yes a good filing structure will save you time but what if you join a filing structure with a search tool to execute deep searches into your documents content, then you can gain valuable insight into your data.

Investing in a central data warehouse provides an advantage to share knowledge but to increase efficiencies; a search tool could provide that competitive advantage. You should take a look at Copernic Desktop Search, where you can search a central database and locally on your PC.

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Copernic Desktop Search Tips & Tricks

You can now benefit from more advanced search functions and get more out of Copernic Desktop Search. Save time and have more fun with CDS using these tried-and-true tips and tricks.

  • Search Even Faster via the Deskbar
    No need to always open CDS, just install the deskbar. Save time using this shortcut on your desktop

  • Index in Real Time
    On-the-fly indexing can monitor your computer to notice new/modified files/emails and re-index them if necessary. In the Options (Tools > Options), Under Indexing & Performance Tab, under On the Fly indexing, select these two options:

  • Manage Results
    Make it easier to view and sort search results based on various criteria.
    E.g. "Search Categories" or "Arrange items by Sorting"

  • More Content to Search
    Looking to index files stored on your computer, network drives or specific folders. Folders can be added/excluded or removed and targeted files can be easily modified in the Copernic Desktop Search Options (Tools > Options > Files).
  • Search your Desktop while Using your Browser
    CDS can integrate a browser toolbar to be able to search your desktop while surfing the Web.

If you have any comments, please post them below.

– Vincent Douville, Manager, Online Sales

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5 Ways to Perform Advanced Searches With myCopernic on the Go!

Since the release of myCopernic on the Go!, we noticed that our user could benefit from some advanced search criteria that can be used within the product. We have narrowed it down to 5 easy to use tips to help you perform advanced searches from the main search box available in myCopernic on the Go!.

  • Use the “@all” keyword or launch an empty query to retrieve everything By proceeding this way, you will be able to see the entire content of your index and all the documents contained in each category.
  • Use logical operators such as:

    • AND : retrieves documents that contain all keywords. This is the default search performed.
      Ex.: flower soil is the same as flower AND soil and retrieves only the documents that contain both flower and soil keywords.
    • OR: retrieves documents that contain either one or both keywords.
    • NOT : retrieves documents that do not contain the specified keyword.
      Ex.: flower NOT soil retrieves only the documents that contain flower but not soil.
  • Exact phrase searches: use the double quote to perform an exact phrase search.
    Ex.: “flower soil” will retrieve documents that contain exactly flower soil written in this order. This will limit the results obtained with only the relevant information you need.
  • Use field keywords: for advanced users that wish to bypass the refine fields but still want to perform refined searches. Here is a list of some of the field keywords available:

    Fields Type Values Examples
    Text   @emailto=George
    @emailcc=“George Smith”
    For exact word search, use the double quotes
    @subject Text   @subject=meeting
    @subject=“meeting with law firm”
    This field can only be used if the Desktop Search tool used on the queried PC is Copernic Desktop Search.
    @importance Choice
    (Drop down list)
    0 = low
    1 = normal
    2 = high
    @mediaartist Text   @mediaartist=U2
    @mediaalbum Text   @mediaalbum=“no line on the horizon”
    @filename Text   @filename=document1212
    @filename=“Game rules”
    @extension Text   @extension=xls
    @extension=xls AND copernic
    @uri Text   @uri=MyDocuments
    @taskstatus Choice
    (Drop down list)
    0 = Not started
    1 = In progress
    2 = Completed
    3 = Waiting
    4 = Deferred
    Note that there are other field keywords available but this list highlights the most commonly used.
  • You can also use operators on field keywords
    Possible operators are =, <, >, <=, >=, <>.
    With these operators you will be able to narrow down the results in a flash to get closer to what you are searching for.

We hope that these tips help you pinpoint your searches with myCopernic on the Go! and help you save time by getting exactly what you want with a single query.

Are there other field keywords that you would like to see added to this list? Is this information useful to you? Let us know what you think!

– Melissa Clermont, Director marketing ops

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Mamma extends its search capabilities!

Mamma, The Mother of All Search Engines, has just gone through a makeover! Along with new looks, a new set of search categories has been added to provide an even better experience.

Web, Jobs, Travel, Shop, Yellow Pages, White Pages – Mamma is your one stop access to all of the search feeds that help you find what you’re looking for on the Web. In partnership with specialized result sources, Mamma offers targeted results for each category available.

Looking to book a vacation? Use Mamma’s Travel tab to search all travel agencies such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz and compare their rates for flights, hotels, cars and cruises.

Searching for a Job? Mamma’s Jobs tab will find the right job for you based on your location.

There’s so much more that Mamma can do for you; give it a try today!

– Melissa Clermont, Product Manager

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